View Full Version : pony with injured leg at lyth

29-Mar-15, 21:51
anyone know anything about a white pony with awful leg injury at lyth today? my friend helped put it in field as it had wandered into a shed or house - just wondered if its okay

31-Mar-15, 11:46
Might be worth contacting SSPCA - or knocking on a few doors in the area - someone locally will know who the horse belongs to

31-Mar-15, 12:42
This could be the same pony which has been in a neglected state for some time, no shelter or grazing with sporadic supplies of hay. It is outside a cottage that is derelict and the 'owner'' visits occasionally. I reported it to the SSPCA as I was so concerned for its wellbeing. The Officer informed me that they had received previous reports and were familiar with the situation but as it was receiving food it was not considered worthy of further investigation, a reply I personally found disappointing. As the horse is now injured perhaps they will take action so please try reporting it.

31-Mar-15, 15:40
Is this the pony that had an old horse with a dipped back in the same place, looking in need of some TLC ??
Went past there yesterday and couldnt see the horse ? :(

31-Mar-15, 16:36
Would it be worth a call to World Horse Welfare? They seem keen on anything like this. 08000 480 180.

01-Apr-15, 09:51
thanks all am going to phone sspca was hoping my mind would be put at rest if anyone got in touch but my friend said the pony was neglected looking

15-Apr-15, 15:32
Having passed the derelict property every day and stopped to see how they are getting on, I found them and not just once trying to get to the hay I had to open the net allowing them to eat ( only one net !!! ) their is no grass to graze only mud, could not see any shelter for them to get out of the winter weather, if as you say the owner cares for them perhaps he should think about giving them a good brushing as only in my opinion they look neglected.

22-Apr-15, 20:04
Is there any update on this pony?

23-Apr-15, 21:29
The white pony that was escaped is not the one that everyone thinks it is. The one that escaped came from quite close the the caravan park nearer to Keiss and not from the other side of the cross roads :)