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05-Apr-07, 15:45
I was wondering if anyone could answer my question. International calls that are routed through the UK, does the receiver of these calls (in this instance being a mobile, O2 network) have to pay for these calls as well? This is part of a legal issue just now as solicitors are involved, so good sound advice would be very much appreciated. Want to know more before I go shooting my mouth off!

06-Apr-07, 12:06
Yes the person in the uk pays only the standard charge to call the network in question.
The reciever pays the rest of the international charge .
www.o2.co.uk look under traveling abroad.

06-Apr-07, 16:53
when i was away and received a call to my mobile from uk i got charged aswell, when i am here in uk and call abroad i still get charged, :roll: I just don't do it now[lol]

07-Apr-07, 00:18
Sorry but i'm a bit thick! I dont think I explained it very well. My son phones (not from a mobile) from Afghanistan to a mobile in the uk. His number is routed through the uk first, so displays a uk number, not an international number. Does the receiver on the mobile still get charged for an international call? With the calls being routed through the uk first I would have thought not. Thanks in advance!