View Full Version : Guardsman was racially harrassed

17-Mar-15, 17:37
English visitor told - "this is my town...you don't belong here"

A DRINK and drug-fuelled man racially-harrased an British army guardsman from England and his friends on a familyreunion celebration in the far north, warning them - "Thurso is my town...you should not have invaded it. You don't belong here."
Brendon Stevens, 22, also assaulted the soldier, Simon Dewit, who was rendered unconscious after hitting his head on railings, outside Mr C's bar in Thurso.
Stevens, described as a prisoner at Inverness, appeared from custody on indictment at Wick Sheriff Court, today, and admitted charges of assault and racial harrassment and a record. He will be sentenced next month but Sheriff Andrew Berry warned him to expect a prison term.
The accused was drunk and also under the influence of valium and had little recollection of the incidents, on November 22, last year. They victim and his party were leaving the bar when they encountered the accused and friends who had gone outside to smoke.
David Barclay, prosecuting, described how the mood of some initial light-hearted banter between the two groups changed. Mr Dewit took exception to "an offensive comments" made by Stevens and approached him for an explanation.
The fiscal went on: "Stevens reacted, by lashing out at Mr Dewit who fell backwards and struck his head on railings before landing on the ground. Mr Dewit was unconscious for a short time. The soldier was taken to the local hospital and treated for cuts and brusing". Sherrif Berry saw a photos of the injuries.
George Mathers said that CCTV .footage of the incident showed Mr Dewit walking towards Stevens "in a pretty determined fashion". The solicitor added that the accused wanted to get treatment for his drinking. He had been "dry" for a considerable period prior to the incident and having quit smoking was optmistic about his prospects of staying alcohol-free.
Stevens will be sentenced on April 2 after the sheriff considers a background report..