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05-Mar-15, 17:15
Nurse "freaked out" by repeatedly being watched

A WICK man was grateful to a nurse who had helped looked after his wife.
But Colin Mackenzie's feelings went further... he took a shine to Karen Macleod, and, ignoring a police warning, continued to stalk her, on foot and from a parked car, Wick Sheriff Court was told today.
Mackenzie, 65, admitted engaging in a course of conduct which caused Ms Macleod fear and alarm, between January 1 and September 23, last year. Sentence was deferred for a background report on the accused.
Sheriff Andrew Berry was told that Mackenzie, became acquaint with Ms Macleod during a spell when she was involved in the care of his wife in 2010. Mrs Mackenzie subsequently died.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that the accused developed a liking for Ms Macleod, who is in her forties, because of her "helpfulness and professional involvement" with his wife' treatment, but his appreciation didn't stop there.
Police had reason to speak to Mackenzie to warn him to stay away from Ms Macleod, who, said officers "wanted nothing to do with him".
The fiscal commented: "Perhaps if that warning had been heeded, the accused would not have ended up here."
On several occasions between January 1 and September, last year, Ms Macleod became aware of Mackenzie being "often in the vicinity" when she was leaving her home or work and " he appeared to be watching her from a distance", in Wick. There were other occasions when work colleagues spotted him behaving in a similar manner.
Mr Barclay said that Ms Macleod had told police that she didn't regard herself as being at risk or threatened by Mackenzie but nevertheless his behaviour "concerned her greatly" and described it as "freaking her out".
When further interviewed by the police, Mackenzie said that he had hoped that Ms Macleod would approach him as he "didn't have the confidence to instigate conversation".
Sheriff Andrew Berry called for a background report and continued the question of a non-harrassment order until the accused returns to court on March 20 when he will hear a defence submission.
Mackenzie, of Marchfield, Upper Thrumster, by Wick, is meantime banned from approaching or contacting Ms Macleod under the conditions of his bail.