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mop top
24-Feb-15, 16:48
Tallie went missing last night when being walked in Broubster Forest at aprox 5:30pm and has not been seen since, this is really unlike her and her owner is understandably extremely concerned for her safety. If anyone has seen her or is keeping hold of her thinking that perhaps she has been abandoned this is not the case. Tallie is a loved family pet, she is black and tan and wearing a collar and id tag with her owners home phone number on she is described as quite lanky. please get in touch with Emma immediately on 07989565791 if you have any information that may help to get her home. The owners have spent the night in the area in the hope that Callie will return to the car park area and a search party have been looking for her all day. Please keep an eye out if you live in that area or have any outbuildings etc that she may have been able to get access to and now not be able to get back out of.

Thanks everyone

mop top
24-Feb-15, 19:18
Delighted to post she has now been found