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17-Feb-15, 14:01
Accused lost his temper after persistent provocation

A MAN snapped after being subjected to a constant wind-up by three bar customers.
Unemployed George Gunn, 41, picked up a glass and threw it. The glass smashed in the bar area of a local hotel, Wick Sheriff Court heard today.
The trio, who had been aggravating Gunn, reacted by setting about him and he was kicked and punch although the court was told that the glass had not been aimed at anyone.
After hearing the circumstances, Sheriff Andrew Berry admonished Gunn, of 13 Murchison Street, Wick.
The accused admitted culpable and reckless conduct at the Norseman Hotel in Wick, on August 24, last year.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that the trio had been annoying Gunn, repeatedly knocking his hat off his head and saying "unpleasant things" about him over a period of two hours, in an attempt to get a reaction.
The fiscal continued: "Eventually, the accused had had enough, lost his temper and threw the glass, but not at anyone in particular. He was just angry at having been repeatedly harrassed and provoked during the evening."
Shards of glass struck one of the trio who sustained a facial cut.
The three men then turned on Gunn and police, who arrived on the scene, found him cut and bruised and bleeding.
Solicitor Patrick O' Dea confirmed that Gunn was "in a pretty sorry state" when he saw him and had found the incident "very upsetting".
Sheriff Berry commented that but for the use of a glass, it was unlikely Gunn would have appeared in court.
The sheriff said he took into account that fact that the accused was a first offender and told him: "You were the innocent party in what took place earlier and ended up being the victim."
The sheriff added: "If you have any further trouble from anyone, you may rest assured the court will deal severely with them."