View Full Version : Rock Night In BLACK STAIRS !

29-Apr-05, 19:19
ESTRELLA will be playing LIVE at the Black Stairs on MAY 7th.

And again on MAY 8th with a more of an acoustic set. So come along For some Classic ROCK !!

30-Apr-05, 17:37
Black Stairs? There are no black stairs in Wick!

30-Apr-05, 17:57
yea ive known about this 4 a while. i will be there. estrella are excellent. also playing there in the next couple of weeks are deja vu and revolution. i havent heard deja vu but they haved played there before. revolution are also a good band!

08-May-05, 15:08
revolution suck big nipples [lol] [color=red][/i]

09-May-05, 15:41
revolution don't suck, chavey sucks. boyo.

elastic band
09-May-05, 20:00
keep your opinions 2your self chavey! especially if its slagin other people down revolution
are a good band if u can du better id like 2c u try! just give it a rest!!!!!!! [disgust]