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06-Feb-15, 15:02
Suggestive banter was "boorish and pathetic" - sheriff
A MAN who put an improper kerbside proposition to a woman walking home in the early hours, in Thurso, passed it off as a joke, later.
But Sheriff Andrew Berry was not amused. He described it as "boorish, awful and pathetic" and fined 270-a-week shopfitter, Thomas Rogers, 24, just under three weeks wages.
The 20-year-old woman was in Sir George's Street, Thurso, about 1am, on September 21 last year, after leaving a local nightclub, when the accused appeared.
She saw his van approaching and heard him sound his horn as he pulled into the kerbside, Wick Sheriff Court was told today.
Rogers opened the driver's window and asked the woman -"How much?". Although she was clearly taken aback, the accused repeated the inquiry.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said: "The woman made it clear that she was unhappy about such an approach and Rogers drove away."
The incident was reported to the police who traced Rogers. He admitted he was responsible and described his remark as "childish" and "a stupid thing to have done" adding that it was "just a bit of banter" for the benefit of his two passengers.
Mr Barclay said: "The lady involved, was understandably distressed by such an approach and the remarks made".
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald told the court that Rogers, of 126 Orchard Lane, Bilbrook, Wolverhampton, "deeply regretted" the incident. He admitted threatening or abusive behaviour.
Sheriff Berry quoted from a letter the accused had sent to the court previously. In it he stated "I am not the sort of person to make someone feel bad."
Said the sheriff: "Yes you are! It was an awful thing to do to a woman walking home on her own and entitled to feel she was safe from such boorish and truly pathetic behaviour which would grossly offend any level-headed person."
The sheriff fined Rogers, 800 and warned him that if he ever returned to court for disorderly conduct, he would most likely find himself in prison.