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10-Oct-02, 00:09

Nice? i think so!

10-Oct-02, 14:18
Mmmmmm, yes, and the green goes so well against that lovely pink background. ;)

11-Oct-02, 00:46
sorry, i didn't know everything had to match

19-Nov-02, 16:11

my cool guitar

20-Dec-02, 10:23

My cool guitar, I'm the one on the left....the wee guy

20-Dec-02, 12:09
sorry, the link above doesn't work anymore, here are pics of my guitars nowadays!

Epiphone Les Paul Standard with custom Scooby Doo Paintjob(as done by my girlfriend!!)

Fender Mexican Standard Telecaster modified to suit me!

Tokai Telecaster Custom. I built this guitar out of parts which i bought from eBay.

My Marshall 30th Anniversary Head and 1922 2x12" Cab


20-Dec-02, 12:49
They're all pretty cool geets, Jeid. Love the Marshall cab, it looks the business. Paint job's cool on the Les Paul!

11-Feb-03, 12:03
nice marshall like , im playing through a line 6 212 spider at the mo
which has some sweet sound never thought a straight transister amp could sound so much like an all valve one.

11-Feb-03, 18:10
Yeah the Line 6 Spider is kinda nice; my daughter uses one for herself. And amongst the folks I play with, the California Blonde amp has about the sweetest sounds I've heard from a guitar; huge range of sounds, all the way from real dirty, to Knopfler-like, to that gorgeous Chet Atkins with some chorus on it. And for bass, you be hard-pressed to beat out old Bill's Gallien-Krueger.

Wow, it's so fun playing with those guys. Now, if I could just wheel my grand along with me as easily as they cart about their gear, I'd be one happy camper. :lol:

11-Feb-03, 18:45
I had a Line 6 Pod... it sucked

It's good at bedroom levels but at live volumes it sucked.

I'll stick with tube amps i think.

04-Jun-03, 12:24
yeah the pod effect units are pretty grim but theyre line of solid state amps rock
whilst on the subject of music i have a patrick eggle berlin pro for sale starting offer 700 any takers ?

Mr P Cannop
04-Jun-03, 12:47
how do you get that photos on like that ??

05-Jun-03, 12:06
He has a website. Where is Jeid anyway?!?

27-Jul-03, 13:41
back from the gutter!

29-Jul-03, 11:51
Where you been?! Got myself a Les Paul Goldtop now too, mmm nice. Do you want a new big muff?

29-Jul-03, 14:07
I don't have the internet at home now, so i'm at my parents using their computer. its not very often that i use it either. I hope to get the internet soon though. and i'll be getting broadband for sure

nah, no effects pedals anymore. I'm just plugging into a tuner and a Marshall half stack now :)

05-Aug-03, 14:43
got to say is a mesa boogie tripple rectifier with a berlin pro
sound is out of this world : )

Sushi XD
27-Feb-04, 09:16
Ah but I love my Marshalls... :D
Jeid, love the Epiphone!