View Full Version : An A4 Pad

Cedric Farthsbottom III
01-Apr-07, 00:42
To take a crayon in yer hand and draw a face
To write a ditty at yer own haity pace
To see yer mother suffer so much
To see the pen hit the paper wi such slight touch

For a social worker to say are ye feelin alright
To turn round and say he is speakin such ############e
For I knew who I was,I felt okay
It was things in ma maws life causing her dismay

I'm addicted to A4 pads still to this day
Cos I used them as a psychiatrist in ma own way
I wrote,I drew,I doodled,a ditty
Some quite serious,others so witty

I went home to Ayrshire,one o' the lads
I asked ma Mum for ma A4 pads
"I'm sorry ma son,its a bit of a sin
But wi chucked aw yer stuff oot in the bin"

I bought a new pad just after
I would fill it wi dittys o' laughter
I didnae need to,which was a treat
Cos ma life just now is so sweet

To use a book and fill it wi life
Ye can always look back in times o strife
So instead of writing them down in A4 paper
I'll write them down here,I'll see ye all later