View Full Version : Hungarian vizsla breeding

28-Jan-15, 09:50

I have a female Hungarian Vizsla and am thinking about taking a litter of puppies from her at the end of the year. Does anyone know of a kennel club registered stud Vizsla in the caithness area to breed with, has to have good health and history.

Would anyone be interested in owning one of these beautiful loving dogs as i am going to gauge any interest before i look to breed.

PM with any info or interest i live in the Wick area.


28-Jan-15, 13:18
Well done on gauging interest before looking to breed. Such a pity more people don't do this. PM you details of someone.

08-Feb-15, 15:33
Maybe you should contact the kennel club or the Scottish kennel club or your breed club secretary as they should have details of stud dogs in your area

12-Feb-15, 15:00
How much would you want for a bitch if you did breed!?

14-Feb-15, 20:54
Hi,We have two vizslas which are kennel club registered although the older one is 10 this year which is too old. Our other will be 3 in August. He is from a very good working line and has such a lovely nature. He is just a pet but my husband works ours and takes them to partridge/pheasant/grouse/ducks shoots and is a very good pointer/retriever. You are very welcome to meet Duke. We live in Halkirk.