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31-Mar-07, 12:32
In the Highlands
by Robert Louis Stevenson.

In the highlands, in the country places
Where the old plain men have rosy faces,
And the young fair maidens
Quiet eyes;
Where essential silence cheers and blesses,
And for ever in the hill-recesses
Her more lovely music
Broods and dies.

O to mount again where erst I haunted;
Where the old red hills are bird-enchanted,
And the low green meadows
Bright and sward;
And when even dies, the million-tinted,
And the night has come, and planets glinted,
Lo, the valley hollow

O to dream, O to awake and wander
There, and with delight to take and render,
Through the trance of silence,
Quiet breath;
Lo! for there, among the flowers and grasses,
Only the mightier movement sounds and passes;
Only winds and rivers,
Life and death.

31-Mar-07, 12:59
Hi Trinkie,

That's a dandy!

31-Mar-07, 13:27
So atmospheric, trinkie....can't believe I've never come across this one before :confused

Thanks a lot for posting it :D

31-Mar-07, 14:32
He also wrote this, a little harsh maybe

WHEN ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON visited Wick in September,1868 he wrote, in a letter to his mother: “Certainly Wick in itself possesses no beauty: bare, grey shores, grim grey houses, grim grey sea; not even the gleam of red tiles; not even the greenness of a tree.”