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31-Mar-07, 10:11
i have upgraded to vista on a laptop and since doing so i cannot get connected to the internet because of incompatabilitys with the modem i also run windows xp on my other computer would it be possible to connect to the laptop through a 802.11g ADSL Modem with wireless router going through xp on my other machine and ie so do you no anybody who can set up these routers as i havent a clue

01-Apr-07, 20:38
I have exactly the same problem, so have many others I believe. Yet none of the help team from Dell, AOL or netgear seemed to know why. Wish i had know all this bother before i upgraded.

01-Apr-07, 22:13
Setting up a wireless modem/router isn't difficult - they usually come with fairly bombproof instructions. It's much easier actually doing it than trying to explain it tho' so bear with me!

Firstly set up the wireless modem/router as per the instructions (power & ADSL cables, plus filters if not already fitted) and connect it to the network port on your desktop PC (assuming it has one) via a network cable (which should also come in the package) to one of the network ports on your wireless router. Then insert the CD which should direct you through most of the process and ask you for your Broadband username and password - it should set up the router automatically. Once that's done your desktop PC should be able to access the Internet fine.

Now on the laptop make sure that your wireless adaptor is enabled and it should pick up the signal coming from your wireless modem/router (the wireless network name is usually the router brand or thereabouts). You should be able to click to connect to the unit and when you do so you will probably need a network key. Sometimes this will be provided on a sticker on the router, othertimes it will provide you with a key during the setup phase. It is possible that your laptop will connect without a network key in which case your wirless network is not secure and you will need to access it's setup files to secure the system.

Quite often, during the setup phase, some form of router management software/link will be put on your desktop to allow acccess to the setup, and access to the router is by a username and password which should be on the setup guide which comes with the unit.

Anyway, that should be enough to get you up and running - let us know how far you get and what is/isn't working if you want further help.

17-Apr-07, 17:49
I suggest that you also look at your firewall settings. I had huge battles with file and printer sharing. (thought sharing the internet over a network was far less painful, strangely!!)

Once the firewall was correctly configured all is now running a dream. (4 computers are now networked via one router/ADSL modem setup). Great when it all works, a pig when it doesn't.

Also make sure all your machines are on the same network group name. I think the default is "MSHOME". I'd recommend changing this to something else.

22-Apr-07, 13:39
i have finally got connected tovista with my modem they did send me new modem with what they said were vista drivers but werethe same as old modem useless sooi deleted all drivers andwent to the speedtouch 330 website for their drivers and iam on the net at last the new modem that tiscali sent me is a speedtouch 330 buttheir drivers are useless go to the speedtouch website and you should be ok

25-Apr-07, 13:02
i had the same problems when i upgraded to vista ,had a voyager modem which was useless. my grandson came to help me and we had to use a thompson speedtouch 330 modem which worked, but it is quite a complicated start up. ive ordered a net gear router which we hope will sort the whole thing out . seems that there are only a few modems that are vista capable. i also wished that i knew this before i embarked on the vista trail. but now that i have it ,it is well worth the hassle, my nero burning suite [nero 7 ] is the only thing that we cannot get to work with vista.
any help with this would be greatly appreciated.