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21-Jan-15, 19:02
"Acted in wholly inapropriate way" said sheriff

A TEENAGER pulled a knife on his partner after receiving a phone call alleging she had had a relationship with someone else, a court heard today.
Nineteen-year-old Eddie Macgregor admitted culpable and reckless conduct on a reduced indictment and holding a knife close to one of her hands, causing a minor injury. He was sentenced to 225 days at a young offenders institution.
The court at Wick was told that the incident occurred at the couple's home at 12 Heatherbell Cottages, John O Groats, on October 11, last year, following the telephone call. In it, the caller, an ex-girlfriend of the accused, alleged his current partner had had a relationship with someone else.
The accused and his partner had been enjoying "a quiet night in" until the telephone rang.
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that the call, was "distinctly unpleasant" and was designed to cause trouble between the accused and his partner.
Miss MacDonald added: "The ex-girlfriend pressed any buttons she could, presumably to get back at her ex-partner, the accused.".
Sheriff Andrew Berry referred to Macgregor's "shocking history of offending", including convictions for violent assault with a weapon and breaching court orders, and added: "Once again, fuelled with alcohol, you behave in a wholly innapropriate and entirely negative way".
The sentence was backdated to October 13, last year when Macgregor was arrested.