View Full Version : Quiz night 1st April 2007 (all fools welcome)

the second coming
30-Mar-07, 20:38
No theme to this weeks quiz at 20:30. on the 1st April. Nonsense is strictly compulsary, and all serious quizzers should be warned.

Hopefully see you all there.


31-Mar-07, 23:41
I will try to be there but my short term memory is exceptionally sieve-like.:D

01-Apr-07, 02:09
Callin all fools? Yep, I'll be there, nonsense is my middle name. -H

02-Apr-07, 03:08
Who won? The first half was very good, but sorry I had to bug out in the middle and missed the end.

02-Apr-07, 08:49
Well done Second Coming great quiz. :D

Look forward to next weeks quiz.

the second coming
02-Apr-07, 21:20
Hi all

Please find following the results from sunday 1st april:

1st - Cedric
2nd - Wellies
3rd - The man from del monte.

Congratulations and look forward to next weeks quiz if time and shifts allow.