View Full Version : missing missy

13-Jan-15, 12:49
Missy my female cat has gone missing for roughly two months.
We really miss our family pet so much :(
Been in contact with balmore,vets and left a message with cat protection (she not been handed it to vets or balmore)
She was pregnant before she left and would probably of had them by now :(
Please please please can u check all your shed/garages/neighbours etc for our beautiful baby girl. A very upset family is in need of a cuddle from our baby:'(

I am in bayview terrace in Thurso so I suspect her to be around this area however cats being cats I can't be certain. Please if u find her can u take her and her babies in and message me as soon as possible

Thanks in advance

14-Jan-15, 15:44
Do you have a picture of your cat that you could post?

14-Jan-15, 17:28
Our cat was missing for 59 days from Pennyland and we found him at Burnside. He had been living wild around Pennyland Farm and crossing the road to the gardens scrounging for food. Might be worth asking the neighbours in the area if they have seen her.

21-Jan-15, 23:10
We seen Missy two days ago for few seconds. She seemed OK. I ain't sure if she was pregnant or not when we seen her before she went she looked pregnant however can not be certain as obviously she had went away. However I spoken to a friend who thought she spotted her with a baby when I checked she wasn't there