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30-Mar-07, 14:15
Can anyone please explain the difference why when I send some emails that I sometimes get a notice back: Mailer Daemon Returned Mail Host unknown

And sometimes: Postmaster Delivery Status Unknown (Failure)?

These were attempts to write to linked email addresses from websites.:confused

It must have something to do with a fatal error in the address, but why the difference in the report and is there something that I can do to make sure the recipient gets the email? It is so annoying when this happens, especially when the email took a long time to write.

Thank you.:)

30-Mar-07, 17:26
Hi, Rheghead. If you wan to send them to me I can disseminate the two errors and give you a report back privately.

05-Apr-07, 10:18
Hi Rheghead

I started a thread about this a little while ago and even PMd two emails to BlueIvy that I'd had returned. Later found one of the recipients was having computer problems but that isn't always the case. I sometimes find sending again a while later it will go through and I don't believe it is anything to do with incorrect addresses as it's always people in my address book that I've sent to in the past and will be able to again. I've come to the conclusion that it's just one more annoying mystery of the virtual life.

What's actually worse is emails that don't get through but don't get spat back by the Mailer Daemon either so you think you've written to someone and only find later they never got it. Again this has happened to me with people I write to regularly and in one case there was nothing wrong with their computer. A few messages didn't get through and then everything was back to normal again. Weird.