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08-Jan-15, 18:53
Settle bad blood issue or someone may face a long jail term - sheriff
BAD BLOOD between two men, boiled over at a Wick nightclub when one of them headbutted the other.
The assailant, Ryan Malcolm, 23, admitted a charge of assault at Wick Sheriff Court, today, and was fined 300.
The incident occurred at the town's Waterfront nightclub in the early hours of June 1, last year, after the two men met by chance in a hallway.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that while he was in no way excusing Malcolm's actions, his victim, Gordon MacNab, had been "goading the accused into some form of retaliation", according to the police, and "leaning towards him, almost inviting him to lash out".
The ill-feeling between them, stemmed from a trial in which Malcolm, a plumber, had given evidence as a victim.
Solicitor Sylvia Maclennan said that the two men had been standing "toe-to-toe" in the confrontation, at the nightclub. She referred to what she alleged had been a background of harrassment against Malcolm following the trial and he had, up until the assault, managed to resist responding to it..
Ms Maclennan added, however: "Certain comments were made, on this occasion, and the accused, who was at the end of this tether, snapped and headbutted Mr MacNab once."
Sentencing Malcolm, of 38 Telford Street, Wick, Sheriff Andrew Berry warned him that it was 'critical' the friction between him and others, ceased, or someone was going to end up with a lengthy custodial term. In addition to the fine, the accused was banned from the Waterfront for a year.