View Full Version : laptop problem

29-Mar-07, 23:45
For some reason my laptop will not allow me to use the javascript thingy I need to use the chatroom on caithness.org. Any idea how to get past this? It works no problem on the pc and they are supposed to be configured the same way.

30-Mar-07, 11:02
You will need to download Java
this can be done from here http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp

02-Apr-07, 15:06
Thanks for the info. When I click on the link it gets so far downloading and then tells me Activex is not working. When I click on the yellow box as instructed the whole page closes down. Any further help? Thanks

02-Apr-07, 15:18
I`m at the end of my tether now....I play scrabble online and it`s telling me now I can not play because of this activex thingy......Scheeeeeeeeeeeeech

03-Apr-07, 18:36
Problem now solved in the wink of an eye by a real expert. Thanks for advice and pm`s