View Full Version : Dunkeld Bridge

Cedric Farthsbottom III
28-Mar-07, 23:01
A day of such beauty,a day to behold
Rays of sunshine in yellow and gold
The bustling of tourists up on the street
Ma soothin o' mellowness wi the river on ma feet

Ma sketch A4 pad in ma hands
Ma colouring pencils doin spiral strands
Drawin the bridge that others did afore
Ma sketch it was finished but I could always do more

But Dunkelds beauty got me that day
A long wi fae Ayrshire I had ventured astray
The sight of a Scottish countryside different fae home
It made me get up and started to roam

I realised that day the same i do today
Its Scotland that matters not where yer frae
So Scots wha hae that Burns did say
I knew what he meant in this sunny day of May

For I have seen Scottish towns far and near
Everyone wi a memory that I hold dear
So when I hear tales of ma country that seem so rotten
I remember ma days in Dunkeld their never forgotten

29-Mar-07, 01:03
Dear Cedric i know just what you mean,
I'm back in The Highlands when Cairngorm is seen.
Rivers that race and them that run slow,
Mountains gleaming white,tops covered in snow.

Old stone bridges covered with lichen an' hoar,
Beaches of soft sand lining the shore.
Rowan trees glowing a brilliant red.
The picture's all there in my head.

Cotton grass blown by the breeze.
Bright yellow gorse flowers that cause me to sneeze.
Heather purple and pink all over the hill,
These are the sights that make the heart thrill.

And there on the brae a magnificent sight.
The red deer is bellowing other males for to fright.
Above the buzzards riding high on the drafts.
After the storms kelp on the beaches in rafts.

Each to his own but I must agree.
The Highlands are magic to me.
So keep you fond memories they are the best,
It'll be our little secret from the rest!