View Full Version : Garfield- Missing from Roster area

19-Dec-14, 11:06
Please could everyone in Roster and Camster Road area check barns, sheds, cars, vans etc for our missing cat.
Garfield is a, small ginger cat he is three years old, neutered, no special markings but he does have two kinks in his tail. he came to us as a Feral kitten and can be wary of people he does not know - although he is a friendly , cheeky cat
Garfield was last seen Wednesday afternoon. He does not normally wander and has never been away from home for this long - he likes his home comforts ! Given the weather recently it is likely he is either shut in somewhere or sadly he is injured or involved in a RTA.
If anyone has any news, good or bad please let me know. We are missing him very much
Thank you

21-Dec-14, 22:55
Garfield is home !
Arrived home this evening very, very hungry and pleased to be home ! Guess he was shut in some where.
Thank you to all our lovely neighbours who checked their barns etc for him. It's so good to have him home !
Merry Christmas everyone !

21-Dec-14, 23:21
Good news!
Take it he will be grounded until Christmas is over...

22-Dec-14, 21:46
I'd ground him permanatly if I could ! He is certainly living up to his name !
So good to know he is ok though !

25-Dec-14, 19:52
Wonderful news!!! :)