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26-Apr-05, 23:46
[mad] I am all for the john o'groats to lands end marathons in aid of charities and have met quite a few, but i do get annoyed when some animals are involved.
did any of you see the gypsy wagon being pulled by two small clydesdale horses going through wick yesterday on one of these marathons?
How will these poor creatures manage going down Berriedale with a wagon behind them, and how will they manage to pull it up the steep hill the other side. i think this is very cruel, and dangerous when these poor horses come in to busy traffic and dangerous roads. their hoofs will be in some state if they ever reach Lands end alive. :roll:

27-Apr-05, 00:52
hi just a comment on frans comments firstly did you think to stop and talk to the guys doing the trip? I very much doubt it as firstly they are not doing john o groats to lands end they are doing john o groats to nottingham, secondly they only cover 10 to twelve miles a day and these guys spend six months of the year each and every year doing this kind of thing to raise mnoney for charity. As for Berriedale yes it is a steep hill and yes it is a horrendous drag but the horses will be walking not going ten to the dozen as will the guys who are with the wagon. The horses are exceptionally we cared for better than alot I have seen and are used to the work they do. So perhaps all in all these guys and their horses should be commended not put down for their efforts!
Ps The horses are not clydesdales just pure and simple cobs

27-Apr-05, 11:05
didnt horses go up and down before cars did? Pulling waggons too?

27-Apr-05, 19:10
They'll get a good rest at Berriedale waiting their turn for the Convoy System!! [mad]

27-Apr-05, 22:42
They'll get a good rest at Berriedale waiting their turn for the Convoy System!! [mad]

I'm so sorry but that really made me laugh! [lol]