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10-Dec-14, 18:55
SAD news for you ceilidh fans...it's Andy's penultimate show. After 32 years broadcasting he is hanging up his mic. You can listen to his selection by clicking on Welcome to Andy's Ceilidh (http://www.andysceilidh.co.uk/)

ALEXANDER BROTHERS (Let's have a ceilidh)
WICK S.D.BAND (The boys of Bluehill, Shan van Vocht)
INA MILLER (Kirkwall Bay)
HAMNAVOE S.D.BAND (The barndance, Hurlock's reel)
ALY BAIN (Margaret's waltz)
COLIN CAMPBELL (The shorepath to Kyle)
COLIN CAMPBELL (Bakery and cookery competition)
LINDSAY ROSS & HIS S.D.BAND (Donald Iain Rankine, Tam's hunting horn, etc.)
CALUM KENNEDY (Dark Lochnagar)
ALEX. McARTHUR & HIS S.D.BAND (Old comrades)
LENA MARTELL (One day at a time)
JOHN ELLIS & HIS HIGHLAND COUNTRY BAND (Cadean's jig, The Joliette, etc.)
BLAIR DOUGLAS (Kate Martin's waltz)
THE CORRIES (Loch Tay boat song)
EDDIE & LUC (Invergordon Distillery)
IAN GREIG (Oklahoma Hills)
JIM CAMERON'S S.D.BAND (Caddam Wood, The piper's cave)
JOHN MEARNS (The old meal mill)
DUNCAN CHISHOLM (The Rose of St. Magnus)
BOBBY MacLEOD & HIS BAND (Jean's reel, High level hornpipe, President Garfield)
ALASDAIR GILLIES (An Thaidhir Mhuileach)(The Mull Fair)
FERGIE MacDONALD (The jig Run Rig, Donald Findlay's jig, Roddy Wright's jig)
VALERIE DUNBAR (Always Argyll)
GARY FORREST (Blaydon Flats, Carlcroft, The Borthwick reel, edtc.)
MICK FOSTER & FRIENDS (Vincent Broderick's, tThe crooked road)
MOYRA FRASER (Wedding in Garmisch)
KENNETH McKELLAR (My love is like a red, red rose)
IAN POWRIE (Margaret Anne Robertson)
BILL BLACK S.D.BAND (Tipsy Twosome)
TARTAN LADS (Here's to Scottish whisky)
McGLONE BROTHERS (Lovely Lochness)
GORDON DUNCAN (Just for Seamus, The thin man, Lament for Mary McLeod, etc.)

I have gone back through my diaries and playlists in respect of programmes I
presented during the past thirty two and a half years and have included SOME
of the most popular singers, songs, bands and solo players over the period.
I was unable to include them all so some more will appear in my final ceilidh.
In the meantime I hope you have enjoyed these and that hearing them may have
brought back happy memories to many listeners.


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