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26-Apr-05, 00:19
Hi, me and a few "mates" I don;t think they are really my friend but er... anyway

We are in a band and need somewhere to practice in the evenings. We were wondering if anyone knows of anywhere to practice, cheap £-age would be nice too. Wick would be preferrable.

Assembly rooms? Wick High School? Where do all you other bands practice?

28-Apr-05, 18:51
surely someone will reply to this post and suggest a place that we can use

29-Apr-05, 11:44
I think most bands practice at one of the band members houses...

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29-Apr-05, 14:13
From 1988 to 1994 I repetedly banged my head of a brick wall trying to find some kind - any kind - of rehearsal/studio facility in Caithness so my band could practice. We tried everywhere, and, as usual, not many people were willing to help. We tried the council, schools, private garage letting agents, even wrote up a proposal for permission to run a studio of our own (there was plenty demand at the time I assure you), but it just wasn't happening.

We used to hire out the Thurso Community Education centre, but more often than not the bureaucracy was of Cold War standards and the security tighter than a Britney Spears concert. I exaggerate, but I'm highlighting the fact it wasn't always straight forward. (Why does everyone keep putting up barriers? I kept thinking.)

Good luck.

01-May-05, 15:22
where are you guys located? if you are able to practice in thurso, possibilities are the youth club, the viewfirth (until it gets levelled). if you are still at school perhaps ask to use the music rooms at the school. I hope this helps.

01-May-05, 19:08
I have also put this on the general forum

i know of a few bands that started practising in the Wick Dounreay Club. As far a i know they don't charge if you or your folks are members. The only thing is that you have to arrange your sessions around the bowling club, bingo etc. But i'm sure that they'll even let you leave your gear set up between rehearsing sessions. contact the committee for further details, permission etc :D

01-May-05, 21:47
Thanks for your responses, we are Wick based but perhaps we can try the Dounreay club.

We will post back later regarding our luck :o)