View Full Version : Quiz night?

07-Oct-02, 19:17
Any intersest in having a one-off Quiz Night, possibly on a Sunday night?

07-Oct-02, 21:42
Yes - Count me in

08-Oct-02, 00:14
Thanks for volunteering to host the quiz night :lol: What a champ. Just let us know what date, and we will be there.

08-Oct-02, 00:29
Helen mate

As you know I would have been more than happy to host the quiz BUT, I have everything packed this includes all pens pencils crayons paint and paper. My keyboard is playing up and I cannot get the letter "A E I O U" and this would make the quiz asking impossible for me ...........ohhh nd ths wld mk th quz skng mpssbl fr m :D


08-Oct-02, 00:44
Poor poor Angy, it must be terrible to be so handicapped...not a pencil to be found...nor paper...and we all know a broken keyboard can drive a person insane... [para]

At any rate, 3 cheers for Helen the quizhostess with the mostest! [lol] [lol] [lol]

Will it be the usual time, 8:30 p.m.? This coming Sunday?

08-Oct-02, 00:52
Well Done Helen - and what a good idea

08-Oct-02, 02:41
Yesssssss I have missed oor wee fechts, oops sorry Quizes:D Sorry but I have to work this Sunday:((, but will be here for the following Sunday :D Thanks Helen....for being the hostess with the mostest:D

08-Oct-02, 19:51
put me down for the winning oops Thursa team


08-Oct-02, 19:59
of course WE, oops, the thurso team will win, I dont see any weekers with their hands raised ;)

08-Oct-02, 22:42
Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!!

Don't you remember the score on the previous occasion that the Teanabowlers had the temerity to challenge my good friends the Weekers?

Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!!


08-Oct-02, 23:07
Ah, the right bait in the tidepool brings the partan out from under the rocks. LOL

How well we remember the night Thurso lost :~( , even with me and sassy
cheating...er, cheering for them.

09-Oct-02, 00:34
If Memory serves Thurso won quite convincenly - Ach it was a doddle if I mind right

09-Oct-02, 04:24
... even with me and sassy
cheating...er, cheering for them.

speak for yourself sis o'mine....I don't cheat :o)

09-Oct-02, 07:18
Count me in for a quiz night too!! :)

Is this a Wick/Thurso one again or just a singles?

Can someone remind me of the score with the last one again? I seem to recall 25 - 4 or something similar (to Wick of course!) :evil

09-Oct-02, 13:07
Tee Hee,
ye are right HT drop your bait in the water an they all come out till bite, its no easy for us from Thurso to remember the number of times we won as there have been so many, its easy for the Weeker's they have not won so many times :lol:

09-Oct-02, 21:25
Count me in ht, noted it down in the diary already lol btw what time?

10-Oct-02, 18:45
:eyes Me was only trolling to see if folks had an interest (and have no questions yet) ...soooooo...

Howzabout Sunday November 3 at 8:30 p.m?

I'll be ready with some good questions, the battle lines will be drawn, and the money will have passed hands. oooops.... :cool:

Sassy has graciously offered to serve me tea during the quiz (also foot massage) while I use her broadband line, for the good of the community of course.

10-Oct-02, 20:59
Dang - I canna be there

10-Oct-02, 21:08
I seem to be free that night too helen :D


11-Oct-02, 23:55
ooooohhhhhh not sure i can make it sob sob


28-Oct-02, 11:48
I WILL BE THERE DANGNABIT - NOT ONLY WILL I BE THERE BUT I WILL WIN COUNTSARNIT (Helen mate any chance of getting the answers?)

28-Oct-02, 16:08
I think Helen has her head in a book, busily compiling questions. The REAL question is, will this turn into an awful fecht as it has sooooooo many times before? [lol]

p.s. has anyone else noticed that Angy is starting to talk like a cowboy?

p.p.s. Helen, o sis o'mine, there are 2 more questions for you.....no extra charge

29-Oct-02, 02:17
No fechts, no town teams, just good clean fun! Keep yer bribes in small denominations, and best of all, the winner is not the next quizmeister. YAY

Hope everyone can make it, Sunday at 8:30pm. Put on yer thinking caps. -Helen

29-Oct-02, 02:45
Great news I am NOT working this weekend :D

oldest daughter will be home from Uni but hopefully she won't want to spend time with me [lol]

Hope to see ya all...and dinna worry Helen I'll keep the Weekers from Fechtan among themselves... :eek:

01-Nov-02, 00:16
oh oh good i will be here now great fun


04-Nov-02, 11:16
Well Done Helen & Co - Great Quiz and a good turn out

04-Nov-02, 16:15
Congratulations to Golach, the winner with 7 1/2 points. I'm sure he would have won with an even bigger margin if he hadn't gone off to the pub halfway thru the quiz [lol]

Anyhoo, sorry I cannot report the scores of the runner ups, I accidentally shredded the scoresheet, but hecks the whole point is having some laffs and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, thank you very much!

04-Nov-02, 18:58
A good crowd for the quiz, with plenty of hilarious answers and side comments. Thanks to all who played! -HelenW [lol]

04-Nov-02, 20:12
Congratulations to Golach, the winner with 7 1/2 points. I'm sure he would have won with an even bigger margin if he hadn't gone off to the pub halfway thru the quiz [lol]

Ah'm no surprised at Golach went till e pub! E wey his football team shanned id yisterday wid drive eny chull till e drink!! [lol] :evil :evil

Ah didna get e ither scores bit ah bet e Gleeber wis too cliver till win an risk bean QM nixt time. AC's anither crafty chull at wey so mibbe at's how Golach wis conned intill winnan!

[lol] ;)

04-Nov-02, 21:18
thanks for a good laugh I enjoyed it, winning as weel what can I say, I did what I did for the honour o THURSA
an Partan ye were right I was so ashamed o the perfomance o Hibs I thocht some of the players must have been Weekers :lol:

05-Nov-02, 05:51
Sassy "accidently" shredded the scoresheet? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm [disgust]
I smell a rat.