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04-Dec-14, 13:24
Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places in Highland

Two venues in Wick are amalgated under council review

CHANGES to a number of polling districts and polling places in the Highlands were agreed today at the meeting of the Community Safety, Public Engagement and Equalities Committee.
The review of polling districts and polling laces in Highland commenced in November 2013, in line with duties under the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013.
The council must ensure that electors have reasonable facilities for voting, which are suitable for disabled access.
A number of proposed changes, including the closure of some polling places were recommended in a detailed a report to the committee.The following changes were agreed. Two districts in Wick have been amalgamated with voters allocated from St Fergus Church to the Boys Brigade Hall 300 yards away.
Voters who previously voted at Bower Community Hall are to use neighbouring Polling Stations at Castletown, Watten, Keiss and Reiss. Thrumster Hall has poor access and facilities and voters will be allocated to the Assembly Rooms in Wick (5 miles away) for anterim period and the position reviewed when improvement works have been completed. Voters who used Canisbay Hall will now use Mey Hall.