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29-Nov-14, 10:03
Accused couldn't accept relationship was over court is told

THE former chairman of Wick Academy F.C., who sent an unwelcome message to his ex-girlfriend and her father has been ordered by a sheriff to behave himself.
Colin Stewart, 56, refused to accept the four-year relationship with Elaine Gray was over, when he telephoned her and later sent her father a text message threatening self harm, Wick Sheriff Court heard yesterday.
Stewart, admitted a reduced charge of causing them concern by sending the messages on October 27, last year when he was chairman of Wick Academy F.C.
The court was told that the relationship was over so far as Mrs Gray was concerned but Stewart was keen to continue it. In the telephone call to her, he indicated that he might harm himself if he was not able to contact her or meet her. A similar message was sent by text to Mrs Gray's father.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that the effect of the messages was two-fold and continued: "There was concern for the suggestion that Stewart might self harm and also for the fact that he was taking his attempts to communicate with Mrs Gray to a higher level and this was clearly causing the recipients worry and anxiety."
Stewart, of 18 Lower Dunbar Street, Wick, told police that he had been to see a counsellor in order to deal with his self-harm feelings.
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald relationship although the relationship was breaking down during the summer of that year, there was still some communication "back and fore" and the accused was basically confused. He was having a difficult time dealing with the breakup."
Ms MacDonald added: "He has since accepted the relationship is over and has moved on to progress his own life and is very keen to put the events of last year behind him."
Sheriff James Gilchrist said it was "always sad" to see someone of Stewart's age appearing in court for the first time and added that a deferred sentence would be an appropriate way in which to deal with the case. It was continued for nine months to allow the accused to demonstrate he can behave himself.
The sheriff declined a specific request from Mrs Gray to grant a non-harassment order, arguing that the bail conditions already in place, banning Stewart from having any contact with Mrs Gray should provide her with sufficient reassurance.
Subsequent to the offences, Stewart, who runs a print business in Wick, was replaced as Wick Academy's executive committee chairman.