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27-Nov-14, 18:10
Accused had taken whisky on top of valium prior to "drunken outburst"

A SHERIFF warned a young Thurso man today that if he didn't "sort himself out", he would be spending the rest of his life in and out of prison and would "have no-one to blame but himself".
Wick Sheriff Court was told that Paul Cannop had taken whisky on top of valium when he conducted himself in a disorderly manner in a Thurso bar.
Cannop, 20, admitted shouting and swearing at the Newmarket Bar manager, Rebecca McKenna, on October 17 and an extensive record. His solicitor, Neil Wilson, described the incident as "a drunken outburst".
Sheriff Andrew Berry observed that Cannop, who appeared from custody with a leg plaster, the result of a football mishap, had been coming to court for more than five years on offences including violence and breaches of probation and bail. The sheriff said that taking valium on top of whisky displayed a lack of common sense and noted that some weeks before the bar offence, the accused had been granted bail at a petition hearing.
Cannop, of 21 Holborn Avenue, Thurso, was ordered to be tagged between 7pm and 7am for four months and will then be subject to supervision for 18 months. His progress will be regularly reviewed, the first occasion being on December 23.