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12-Nov-14, 16:29
Accused kicked door after drunken argument with teenager

A WICK man, who assaulted a teenager and then took his temper out on a shop was jailed for three months at Wick Sheriff Court yesterday.
John Begg, 24, pleaded guilty and admitted a further charge of threatening or abusive behaviour and a record. The court was told that the offences occurred after a 15-year-old friend visited the accused at his then home in Argyle Square, Wick, on October 18.
They went outside for discuss something and it escalated into a disagreement, during which he struck her on her head. He was still in an aggravated state when he kicked a shop door later.
Solicitor Neil Wilson described it as "a drunken argument" between two people who otherwise were friends.
Begg was said to have since moved to 16 Wellington Avenue, Wick.