View Full Version : Driving was impaired by legal high

12-Nov-14, 15:58
Still in his system hours later according to defence expert

A PETERHEAD man charged with driving while unfit through drink or drugs had a legal high in his system a court heard yesterday.
Jose Santos was banned from driving for a year and ordered to carry out 70 hours unpaid work in the community after he pleaded guilty, at Wick, yesterday.
Police investigating a road traffic incident on the A99 near Lybster, about 4.30pm on September 15, last year, concluded from the accused's demeanour that he was under the influence of "something or other". Drink was ruled as a possible reason for his driving having impaired as a breath test indicated he had no alcohol in his system.
First offender Santos, 44, explained that he had taken a legal high earlier in the day, said David Barclay, prosecuting and a blood test revealed confirmed this, adding that the substance was not an illegal one.
Solicitor Sheena Mair said that a defence expert consulted, stated that some users of the particular drug, methiopropamine, had reported effects 18 hours after use.
Ms Mair added: "Santos now accepts that having the drug in his system could impair his ability to drive".
Santos was said to have irrregular employment at Peterhead fish mart and prior to being charged, had prospects of securing a driving job.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told him: "Presmumably you have learned a very serious lesson about the use of legal highs".
The sheriff said that the court had heard an expert's opinion about the length of time a legal high could remain in the blood and added: "He is a highly-repected individual and knows what he is talking about."