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11-Nov-14, 21:59
Fighting scaffolders fined for incident outside Wick pub

TWO scaffolders from the Central Belt have been fined for fighting with a man outside a Wick pub.
Thomas Hanvey, 33, was fined 540 - he has a previous conviction. His co-accused, Alexander Stangoe, 29, was fined 360.
Both admitted threatening or abusive behaviour and fighting with Alexander Dunnett.
The court at Wick, was told that a disagreement earlier, inside the Camps Bar, on April 12, escalated into a fight outside. Mr Dunnet sustained a cut above his right eye and some swelling and grazing to his head.
David Barclay prosecuting, described it as "one of those situations in which it was difficult to say who was at fault" but it was clear the two accused have become involved in a fight with Mr Dunnet.
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald claimed that Mr Dunnet had been interrupting the accused while they were having a meal and despite him being warned by staff, he continued to have words with them as they were leaving the pub.
Hanvey, of 42 Viewpoint Place, Glasgow, and Stangoe, who lives at 6 Rydenmains Road, Glenmavis, Airdrie, were said to have been engaged on a contract in Caithness at the time and had since moved on to work in Southhampton.

Repeat drinks driver banned pending sentence

THE SHERIFF has called for a background report on a drinks driver with a record for that type of offence.
Paul McCabe, 50, was breathalysed positive, after he was stopped in Castlegreen Road, Thurso, on May 19, by police who were concerned about the way he was driving his car.
Tests revealed a breath-alcohol level of 76 microgrammes - more than double the legal limit of 35mgs. McCable, of 35 Round Riding Road, Dumbarton, pleaded guilty.
Sheriff Berry imposed an interim ban on the accused, pending his return to court for sentence, on December 9.

Driver damaged fence after losing control

George Ronaldson damaged 100 metres of fence after he lost control of his car.
He admitted a charge of careless driving and a record and was fined 450. His car ended up in a field at the Cairns of Stirkoke Farm, on December 29. Ronaldson, 42, of Flat 4, The Shore, Wick, had left the scene by the time the police arrived, but was traced later and admitted having been the driver.
The accused, who was said to have taken steps to repair the damage to the fence, incurred five penalty points in addition to the fine.