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11-Nov-14, 08:30
Not so merry Christmas in store for "three-times" drinks driver

IT's not looking like being too merry a Christmas for more than three-times-the limit drinks driver, Ian Richard.
He's due to be sentenced on December 22 and is facing a fine and a lengthy ban and could also lose his car. The 48-year-old offshore worker had his Audi impounded by the sheriff, at Wick, yesterday, after the accused admitted driving with excess alcohol.
Police stopped him on the B876 at Killimster, on Saturday night, after receiving a tip-off. He admitted to officers: "I have had a few drams".
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that was consistent with the accused's slurred speech and glazed eyes. Tests revealed that Richard had a breath-alcohol level of 112 microgrammes - the legal limit is 35mgs. The fiscal made a motion for forfeiture of the Audi, - under legislation governing "three times drivers" - said to have a current value of 13,000 and is subject to loan finance.
Richard, of 144 Dover Park, Dunfermline, also admitted being unsupervised as a provisional driver when he appeared from custody.
Sheriff Andrew Berry, described Richard's breath-alcohol reading as "extremely high", making it "a very serious matter".
The sheriff called for a background report and imposed an interim driving ban on the accused, pending his return to court when a decision on the forfeiture of his car will be taken.