View Full Version : Small fridge that connects to cigarette lighter in car to transport donor blood

07-Nov-14, 19:03
A strange request I know but does anyone have a small fridge that connects to a cigarette lighter in the car. I have to transport donor blood for my cat to Edinburgh on Tuesday morning. The temperature has to be between 4 and 10 degrees. We have cooler boxes etc but a small fridge is the best thing and at such short notice, I don't have a clue where to get one.

07-Nov-14, 19:30
I don't think the mini fridge will work because it says that it goes anywhere from 18-60 and that will be too cold.

09-Nov-14, 12:22
I have a 4 litre cooler/warmer box. Voltage 100-240 50Hz. Wattage 48w with plug but not the cigarette connection for the car.

09-Nov-14, 19:24
I have sent you a PM. Thank you for responding.