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05-Nov-14, 14:33
I am posting this because it will mean possibly saving my cat's life. My cat has to go in for a very serious operation on Wednesday of next week. The surgery that she is having has a very high risk of her haemorrhaging on the operating table. In order to save her life, they will need to do a blood transfusion but the blood donors for feline have dried up or the feline blood donors have just given blood and unable to do so for Wednesday of next week. If you have a cat that is over 5 kg of weight and is primarily an indoor cat or a cat that goes outside but in good health and has his or her vaccinations up to date, would you find it in your heart to allow them to donate a small amount of blood to help me give my cat a chance to a longer life. I will pay the costs that are involved. If you can help, please, please let me know as soon as possible. I know it is a very big thing to ask but I have to, my cat means a lot to me.

05-Nov-14, 14:51
pm'd you to find out more info.

05-Nov-14, 16:55
Please if you can help, please get in touch. Dadie's cat is too small to help but a big thank you to her for offering.

05-Nov-14, 17:03
sorry I can not help ,but I have shared on quite a few FB pages .

05-Nov-14, 17:46
Thank you so much.

05-Nov-14, 17:53
Do they have to be vaccinated?

05-Nov-14, 18:22
Hi, Ideally yes but we can still do the test and hopefully a donor.

05-Nov-14, 18:24
Have pm'd you :)

05-Nov-14, 19:31
Hav pm'd u xxx

05-Nov-14, 21:34
Hi I have a female cat 8 years old in good health and vaccinated. she is an indoor cat who goes out on a lead and she does hunt outside. I live in Berriedale but would take her to the vets if no-one else comes forward. she is over 5 kg. Dee

05-Nov-14, 21:47
It would be interesting to find out more about feline and canine blood donors.
And the supply/demand up here.
Our cat has just turned 1yo and a soft lump so he might still have some filling out to do before he gets to his full size.
He is unfortunately too light at the moment..but loves the vet (hasnt been for anything too nasty) and loves his car carrier and car trips out(sometimes comes out for a drive with me) and is a friendly beastie by nature.

05-Nov-14, 22:26
I would be willing to offer our cat as a donor, I would need to find out hereis weight first. He is due his booster ( card came i today). I will as the vet if you want., I am in Halkirk and am registered with the Thurso Vet Practice.

Would you like me to enquire? Which Practice are performing the operation.
Whatever the outcome, I do hope your cat recovers from the operation. It is always such a worry.

05-Nov-14, 22:55
Hi, I spoke to the vet this evening and if the cat's booster is up to date or slightly just out of date would be ok. What will be happening is the blood donations will be done Monday afternoon and on very early Tuesday morning, the blood will be transported to Edinburgh Vet hospital along with the cat to have her operation. The ideal donor would be 5 + kilos and vaccinations up to date of just slightly out of date. A little less than 5 kg would be accepted. Dee

06-Nov-14, 09:31
Hi I see you have another possible donor which is fab. do you need more than one? I will pm you my details so just let me know.

06-Nov-14, 19:52
Wish I could help but neither of my cats are suitable. :( I have shared it on facebook and hope you get enough donors and that the op goes really well

06-Nov-14, 20:05
Thank you Liz.

07-Nov-14, 08:23
Sent you a message but didn't get a reply so just let me know if you need Bonnie to give blood and we can sort something out if you are still looking for a donor. Ta

10-Nov-14, 18:37
Hi Everyone, I just wanted to give you an update about my posting asking for a feline donor. I am pleased to say that a donor has been found and the blood has been taken. I would like to express a very sincere thank you to each and everyone who got in contact with me and offered to help. It was a very generous thing that you have done by offering you beloved pet to give blood if they were a match.
I will keep you posted on how the surgery goes on Wednesday morning and I pray to God that my cat has a successful surgery and that I can come on here and give you good news.
Our pets are part of our family and that is why I am so appreciative to all those that have helped and supported my cat and me.

10-Nov-14, 23:20
You will be in our thoughts and prayers for a successful operation and recovery.

11-Nov-14, 09:26
Hope everything goes well. Will be thinking about you all.

11-Nov-14, 21:10
Hi standstill, along with everyone else I also hope and pray that your "bairn" has a complete recovery from the operation. I know how difficult it is to see your beloved pet in pain or suffering when all you want to do is alleviate it whatever it takes to make them better !

I would have offered my "bairn" for the blood transfusion, but I'm sure she wouldn't have made near the 5kg weight.

Here's hoping that all goes well for your beloved cat and that she recovers.

Looking forward to hearing great news tomorrow, all being well.
Thinking of you. X

14-Nov-14, 19:25
Hi Everyone, I just wanted to give an update of my cat, DeeDee. She went through her operation on Wednesday and thankfully so far there has not be any complications. It has now been 72 hours and she is doing well. She has a feeding tube inserted and the staff have been giving her medications through this tube and a proportion of her daily feed. She has started to take some food on her own which is a very good sign. She is bright in herself but has decided that she likes the shelter of the hut that has been placed in her cage for the moment. She is still nervous with all that has gone on the last few days. She is being closely monitored over the weekend and they are going to run more blood tests on Monday and if all goes well, I should get her home to start her recuperation. A big thank you to everyone that has posted and have offered their cat as a donor. There are so many people and cats to thank to make DeeDee's operation a success: The donor himself and two more possible donors and their owners that attended D S MacGregor in Thurso. The long list of people who offered to put their cat forward for a donor. Cats Protection for posting here on their site and keeping in touch with me and offering their help and assistance, Harry at Caithness General Hospital lab, D S MacGregor Thurso, the staff at Dick Vet in Edinburgh especially Donald (DeeDee's surgeon and Danielle (Head of Feline), John at Williamson's Chemist Thurso, Alistair of Auto Parts Thurso, everyone that contacted me through Caithness.Org (http://caithness.org/) and here on Lost and Found Pets on Facebook. The list is never ending of those who took an interest in my DeeDee's case. There are some very wonderful people out there and a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done. I would also like to thank my truest and dearest friend Doug who only lost his beloved dog, Sal only a few days before DeeDee's surgery but found it in his heart to make sure that DeeDee got to Dick Vet in Edinburgh to get her surgery and has been there for me through everything.

15-Nov-14, 22:41
Thanks for the update standstill. I'm so happy to hear that DeeDee is doing so well and I really hope she's well enough to go home on Monday. Please let us know how she's getting on.

19-Nov-14, 16:26
Really glad that Dee Dee's op went well and hope she will be home with you soon and that her recovery is uncomplicated and speedy. :)

26-Nov-14, 18:03

Just an update for the lovey people that responded, helped, viewed and cared for my cat DeeDee. She has the results back from her surgery and she has large cell lymphoma. Yesterday she started a 25 week course of chemotherapy treatment. This is being done by the wonderful help of the vets in Thurso and Dick Vet in Edinburgh. It is early days but I look the future with DeeDee an I can only hope that it is long and bright.

08-Apr-15, 11:55
Some people have asked me if I would give a brief update every now and then about DeeDee. Sadly DeeDee passed away on the 6th April. Her spirit was strong but her little body weak. The cancer managed to take control. Thank you to everyeone that gave their support and kind words when DeeDee was first diagnosed with lymphoma.

08-Apr-15, 13:27
So very sorry to hear that Dee Dee has lost her long struggle to Cancer. It must be heartbreaking for you but at least you were able to give her a few more months with you and she knew just how much you loved her. Hang on to the happy memories you had together.

08-Apr-15, 15:30
My heartfelt condolences for your loss. Glad you had Dee Dee with you for a wee while longer and she will be waiting for you at the bridge x