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30-Oct-14, 08:55
First offender accused given six-month chance to behave

A SCHOOLGIRL, who behaved in a disorderly manner outside a Wick shop, was given a chance yesterday to demonstrate she can behave.
First offender Frances Watt, 16, was said to have been defending her family's good name when she argued and struggled with a 12-year-old, it was alleged was bad-mouthing the accused's family. The incident outside the shop in High Street, Wick, occurred on June 24, the town's sheriff court was told.
The good behaviour bond set by Sheriff Andrew Berry, is for a six-month period. The sheriff commented that the accused's behaviour must have been "very unpleasant experience" for the much-younger girl.
Watt, of 44 Macrae Street, Wick, pleaded guilty.