View Full Version : Roaming Dog at Janetstown

27-Oct-14, 20:32
Hi Can anyone help. Who do I contact about this. Does anyone have a number for the dog warden? The dog is a husky type.

27-Oct-14, 22:02
Thank you to South View 7 for the PM. It looks like the husky has been taken home by his owner. The dog was loose for several hours on a dark wet night next to a busy road - it could have been a very different outcome. I tried my best to contain the dog myself but was unsure of its behaviour etc.. Thankfully he/she is safe.

28-Oct-14, 23:08
I have a husky too, and oh boy does she love to wander - if she gets off her lead I have to chase her for miles as she won't stop :-)

29-Oct-14, 16:11
Unfortunately this dog had been left on its own for sometime (it had barked and howled for much of the day) and had obviously managed to escape from where it was being kept - shed/outhouse? Not the ideal conditions for a very active dog. Being a dog owner myself I cant quite understand the situation.

30-Oct-14, 15:55
Huskys are expert escape artists and will easily dig under or scrabble up a 7ft wall to escape if the smell something that interests them. Backing their way off of a lead is another trick they have up their sleeve. Not every owner is a bad one if their dog escapes, these things happen.