View Full Version : A Poem for Cedric and his Bump on the Head !

24-Mar-07, 12:19
Oh Cedric this Car Park's a wonderful place,
Cos there you are with a smile on your face.
You're always so jolly and help with my trolley
And say such kind words with style and good grace.

Last week in the storm you were there at your post
With the hail beating down you nearly got lost
Your eyes all screwed up to keep out the snow
But to help the old ladies you determined to go.

The wind blew so hard it made your face sore
But thankful you were for the thermals you wore
The hand knitted vest in the softest of wool
Your old mother made when you were at school.

Then you spotted a maiden in such distress
Struggling with shopping, her hair in a mess
As she fumbled to find the key in her purse
And the wind blew on, which fair made you curse.

But not to be daunted you opened the boot
As the trolley took off and went over your foot
Then a gale blew so hard and I've heard it said
The blasted thing fell right down on your head !

Oh what a thud it quite knocked you out
"There’s no justice at all" you wanted to shout
Then a lump came up as big as a stone
You sat yourself down and let out a groan.

Three days went by and you noticed a change
You were now using words which sounded so strange
Big words and long words with several syllables
So happy you were you danced the Quadrillables.

But then you thought - too much recompense
Too much vocabulary doesna make any sense
For a man whose nature it is to be jolly
An help everyone to push their damn trolley.

24-Mar-07, 14:21
That's brilliant trinkie :D ..............poor Cedric though, can't be much fun in that car park when the weathers reallys bad :eek:

24-Mar-07, 17:11
That's brilliant trinkie :D ..............poor Cedric though, can't be much fun in that car park when the weathers reallys bad

Shows he is appreciated though!
Well done, trinkie! :D

25-Mar-07, 02:23
That was GREAT trinkie..keep 'em coming!

25-Mar-07, 14:59
Trinkie, my friend, your poem is so brill
When Cedric reads it, he'll get a big thrill
To see he's the subject of your ditty
You've written so well, it sure is witty! :)

Cedric Farthsbottom III
25-Mar-07, 23:58
Cheers Trinkie and Co.On holiday now so the Caithness elements can fulfil their resumpifications with all their meandering fleanderings with aflaw.That bump in ma heid is still sending me big words LOL