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09-Oct-14, 17:22
Hello everyone,

We hope to be picking up a new dog shortly, which requires a raw diet. Our local butcher here can supply bones and dog mince, but I'm keen to develop a good range of suppliers as I suspect we will need large quantities regularly. I know Fife Animal Feeds deliver here for 35, but we dont have a massive freezer currently and could maybe only store a few weeks supply at a time. Is anyone on here feeding a raw diet and could maybe lend some advice?


09-Oct-14, 21:06
Was thinking about this for my Bullmastiff puppy but couldn't find anything local except bones and mince too :/ . I did notice in pets at home the other day tho that they have frozen bags off meat. Interested to know if you find anything helpful.

09-Oct-14, 22:16
I'm thinking about changing my dogs to a raw diet too. Was looking in Pets at Home today. They seem to have a fair selection. There is also a Facebook page Caithness canine raw feeders, I think it's called. I'm sure they order from Fife.
Someone has recommended Natural Instincts to me and I'm just looking into that now. I think they do a 30% discount if you order over 80kgs.
I will be following this thread with interest to see if anyone has any suggestions as I'm really wanting to put my dogs onto raw but don't know where to start. It seems so complicated.

11-Oct-14, 13:23
I feed both of my dogs a raw diet and order via Natural Instinct directly from their website and its delivered by your postie; order am Monday usually delivered on Wednesday. Food comes frozen ready to for the freezer. Delivery charges are reasonable and if you order 36kg it's free.

11-Oct-14, 13:24
If you join their breeders club all of your orders are 30% off. (Natural Instinct)

11-Oct-14, 20:07
Sounds good Bookworm. What do you feed as treats?

14-Oct-14, 09:02
Caithness Mobile Pet Supplies can supply all kinds of frozen raw food with free delivery, they can be contacted on 07955243129 or mobilepets@gmx.com

04-Nov-14, 19:15
The girls just get the odd charcoal biscuit.:Razz

across e water
23-Sep-15, 15:29
Hi folks,
I have been trying to get in touch with Caithness Mobile Pet Supplies without success, are they still going? I'm in Orkney and am looking for somewhere to get some minced mixes etc from.

24-Sep-15, 11:37
Caithness mobile pet supplies is close as she didn't get enough people ordering for her to keep going

17-Oct-15, 04:22
across e water there are a group of us who get an order every month from Fife Animal Feeds: http://fifeanimalfeed.co.uk/product-category/frozen-products-barf/ if you are on facebook look up Caithness Canine Raw Feeders. The food is delivered to Thurso. If you are not on facebook call 0776 9176058 if you are interested.