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04-Oct-14, 10:22
Sheriff gives woman seeking to get her life back together a chance

A WOMAN whose attempts to overcome some tragic experiences by flitting to the far north, failed, has been given a chance to pick up the pieces of her life.
Gielas felt isolated when she settled in the village of Halkirk, in Caithness, but she became friendly with her local postman and struck up a relationship with him.
There was trouble, however, when the romance ended. Gielas, went round to Martyn Jackson's home, on March 23, to "clear the air" after consuming a few glasses of wine.
It led to a disturbance and the police were called, Wick Sheriff heard yesterday. Gielas, admitted disorderly conduct and assaulting an officer.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that "a verbal fracas" ensued when Gielas arrived at Mr Jackson's home at Station Farm Scotscalder. He tried to defuse matters by ushering the accused out of his house but the situation escalated with her becoming "fairly hysterical" and struggling with other members of Mr Jackson's family, including his wife Alison.
When the police arrived, Gielas lashed out at one of the officers scratching the side of her face.
Solicitor Marc Dickson said that Gielas had had to contend with a considerable amount of tragedy prior to her move north. She had been engaged and became pregnant but lost the baby. Then her fiance died and shortly afterwards she lost her father to cancer.
Mr Dickson added that it had been "very emotional spell" for Gielas who had come north to Halkirk, seeking a period of "solitude and reflection".
Gielas, who was said to have since moved away, had sentence deferred for six months, by Sheriff Andrew Berry after seeing a background report, to allow her to demonstrate she could behave.

Knocked 10-year-old down at crossing

AN NHS worker who knocked down a 10-year-old boy on a zebra crossing was fined 100.
Marelle Macdonald, 56, struck the lad a glancing blow at the crossing in Mount Pleasant Road, Thurso.
The lad was treated in hospital for bruising and scratches following the accident on May 21.
It was said to have been caused by “a momentary inattention” at the wheel, and said fiscal David Barclay who described the consequences as “disproportionate to the level of carelessness”.
Macdonald, a first offender, of 1 Redhouses, Ackergill, was said to have been "upset and distressed" by what had been “one terrible mistake” in an unblemished driving record. In addition to the fine she also incurred three penalty points.