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The Music Monster
28-Sep-14, 15:53
The Caithness Music Monster is very excited to announce the creation of:

The Caithness Music Monster Summer School

Next summer, for the first time, I will be running a Music Summer School in Pulteneytown Parish Church. It will run from 3rd August-7th August 2015, and is open to P1 to S6 musicians.

There are 60 spaces available, and the deadline for entries is 31st October 2014.

For more details please visit my website (http://www.music-monster.co.uk/caithness-music-monster-summer-school) [where you can find the entry form], and feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

The Music Monster
26-Oct-14, 12:26
Quick reminder!

The deadline for entries to the Summer School is Friday 31st October. The forms (in easy to access .pdf format) are available at the bottom of this page (http://www.music-monster.co.uk/caithness-music-monster-summer-school). If you are still having trouble accessing this, please get in touch and I shall send you a hard copy.

Merry Music Making!

The Music Monster
30-Oct-14, 13:48
Due to requests from a couple of schools, the deadline for the Music School Entry Forms is now 14th November. Having the 2 weeks of holiday has delayed returns to the schools so we're extending by 2 weeks to make up for it.

You will still have found out by 30th November if you are able to attend!

The Music Monster
08-Nov-14, 23:46
Only 6 more days to get the forms in for this! Find them HERE (http://www.music-monster.co.uk/caithness-music-monster-summer-school) (at the bottom of the page).

The Music Monster
14-Nov-14, 00:07

The final deadline for the Caithness Music Monster Summer School is tomorrow - anyone who hasn't got the forms to me yet please drop them in or email me them tomorrow. All details of the school can be found here (http://www.music-monster.co.uk/caithness-music-monster-summer-school) and all contact addresses and numbers can be found here (http://www.music-monster.co.uk/contact-us).

If you can't access the forms or can't find them on the website, please feel free to send me a PM and I will send on the form.

Merry Music Making!

The Music Monster
15-Nov-14, 12:39
Entries are now closed. Thank you to all of you who applied. Successful musicians will be contacted by 30th November.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.