View Full Version : Quiz Night 25 March 2007

the charlatans
21-Mar-07, 22:33
The next Quiz is set for 8.30pm on Sunday 25 March 2007.

And for a wee change we're having a theme.

This will be Music and all things Musical.:cool:

22-Mar-07, 11:36
OoOO cool - sounds good. :Razz

22-Mar-07, 12:59
Great idea Char.

No sayig i will get any right this time :lol:

23-Mar-07, 03:09
oh boy, love the music theme idea

*ahem* mimimimimimimimiiiiiiiiiii

Cedric Farthsbottom III
23-Mar-07, 22:47
"I'll be there",was gonnae sing the rest but its a bit saucy....:lol:

the charlatans
25-Mar-07, 21:59
Thank you to everyone for turning up tonight.
Good crack.

3rd Place - HTWood
2nd Place - Cedric Farthsbottom III
1st Place - Second Coming

The music theme went well and we had a good old sing song, Changilass was even up on the tables head banging to AC/DC.

If you've not done the quiz before try it next week its always good for a laugh.:lol:

27-Mar-07, 08:53
Great quiz for what I saw. Sorry I missed the second half but got well and truely jammed in the door and eventually got rescued and went to bed as I was so traumatised. Look forward to next weeks quiz hopefully.