View Full Version : Baby sitter for a cute little dog for a few days

19-Sep-14, 17:56
Hi, I am looking for someone that takes care of dogs from their home while I am away for a few days. Can someone recommend a person and give me their contact details please? I live in Halkirk.

19-Sep-14, 18:18
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19-Sep-14, 21:45
Hi Mailbox now clear.

22-Sep-14, 10:06
Sarah Rogers at Home Boarding, Cogle Farm near the Mart takes day boarders as well as overnight.
Tel 01955621775. She is very good.

26-Sep-14, 00:35
I would like to recommend myself. I have always had a dog till two years ago when my last one died. I live in wick please contact me if you want further details. Thank you.

28-Sep-14, 16:17
Diane Banks, she has a few regular dogs that she walks daily and also takes for overnight and when the owners go on holiday, shes the female version of Dr Doolittle, fantastic with all animals, she lives in wick her contact number is :- 07596643997