View Full Version : Mission Impossible

Cedric Farthsbottom III
20-Mar-07, 16:11
The wind is scorchin ma face red
Its makin it hard to breathe
The cold is becoming unbearable
I cannae hear for the chatterin o' ma teeth

My god they've started shooting at me
Hailstones the size o hooses
Folk are scatterin aroond for miles
They look like little mooses

But I'm darn if their gonna beat me
I've lasted oot so far
Ma task is being completed
Even without a thermal bra

So come on ye Caithness elements
Come and have a go if ye can
Cos I'm warm and snug inside ma gear
Cos I AM the trolly man

20-Mar-07, 16:39
Good one, Cedric! :)

20-Mar-07, 18:54
i love it, everything is worth reading when u do it xxx

25-Mar-07, 02:28
When 'e wind blows in Caithess,
It's time fer a rest,
I mind a gust that was fierce,
I was almost into 'e harbour full dressed!
Now 'cos I 'm no daft despite what they say!
Had lead weights in me shoes fer the day.