View Full Version : Cat for rehoming.

jo bowd
04-Sep-14, 08:02
We took in a stray cat in february as we couldn't trace his original owners, he's been neutered and microchipped and is very friendly and outgoing with people. He's used to dogs, we have a german shepherd and he's fine with her, but he and one of our other cats hate each others guts, it started as a shouting match at each other but now it's all out war and getting worse as neither will give in.
He needs to be an only cat, he's a great mouser, enjoys sitting by the fire, I don't think he's suitable for anyone with children, he likes gardening and is a complete clown when he chases his tail and rolls over. We think he's around 5 or 6 years old. Anyone interested in meeting him please pm me and we can arrange a visit. I don't like to admit defeat but the cats are going to end up hurting each other and I don't want that either.

He's all black, short haired with green eyes and one fang missing.

04-Sep-14, 10:27
have sent you a pm x

10-Oct-14, 15:02
hi there im just wondering if you still have the cat for rehoming?, i can be contacted on 07707247151,many thanks.

jo bowd
14-Oct-14, 19:39
Cat now in his new home, thank you.