View Full Version : To My Mother

18-Mar-07, 21:21
To my mother on this day
I send you my love and thanks
You brought me up in your own special way
My brothers too, with their pranks

You kept us clean, made sure we were fed
Made many a sacrifice
Read us stories, tucked us into bed
And always gave good advice

The years passed, I became a mother too
First one son, and then another
No baby outfits in pink, just blue
For each son and his brother

Throughout the years, I thought of you Mum
As I brought up my two young boys
I realised what it was like for you
Cleaning up when surrounded by toys!

So thanks again Mum, for all that you've done
And the loving care you have given
Mother, cook, nurse - everything 'neath the sun
All part of your maternal living!

18-Mar-07, 21:23
warm huggs this is nice x

20-Mar-07, 19:29
Thankyou danc1ingwitch, I'm glad you liked it! :)