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22-Aug-14, 17:20
Drivers ignoring temporary cones for heavy loads passage

A NORTH sheriff has hit out at inconsiderate motorists who ignore temporary no-parking restrictions for heavy loads going through the town.
Sheriff Andrew Berry made his comments yesterday, while dealing with a case of car vandalism in Thurso.
He warned that there was a danger of more vehicles getting damaged in Wick. for a different reason-drivers parking in Bridge Street.
The sheriff, whose Wick court is that street, said that some drivers were ignoring no-parking cones lined on both sides of the street, to help facility the passage of wind turbine units through the town.
He added: "It is incredibly selfish behaviour by a large number of people for their own convenience".
Sheriff Berry fined the vandal, Francis Brodie, 31, 400 for damaging a wing mirror on each of two vehicles in Princes Street Thurso, on June 11.
Brodie of Flat 1A, 5 Silverfir Court, Gorbals, Glasgow, pleaded guilty. He was also ordered pay a total of 588 compensation to the drivers .
Parking in Bridge Street became a problem after Highland Council withdrew its traffic warden service, earlier in the year.