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21-Aug-14, 07:03
"Wholly inappropriate" remarks sheriff tells accused
A FORMER soldier, who made "wholly inappropriate" remarks to a police officer, escaped a jail sentence at Wick Sheriff Court yesterday.
Graham Taylor, 38, was ordered to carry out 150 hours unpaid community work during which he will be under supervision.
The incident occurred at Wick police station on December 21, last year. Taylor referred to Sgt Michael O' Brien as "an Irish " and added:" I used to knock people like you out, for a living".
Taylor, of 7 Mackay Street, Castletown, realised what he had done when he sobered up the following day and telephoned the police station to apologise. He admitted abusive behaviour and a record.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said: "When he chooses to drink to excess, he has to accept the consequences."
Sheriff Andrew Berry said that for Taylor who had previously been in uniform to abuse someone currently in uniform was "unforgivable" and "wholly inappropriate".
The sherrif added: "The police and others in public service have a right to be treated with respect."