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19-Aug-14, 17:08
Robbed fellow villager while he was away at funeral

Alan Waters had plenty festive cheer...trouble was none of it belonged to him.
The items the retired joiner stole, were a fellow villager's Christmas presents. It included 10 bottles of wine and a dozen bottles of spirits, cigarettes and perfume.
Wick Sheriff Court heard the story of the mean thefts from 80-year-old Peter Murchison's bungalow in Halkirk, on December 22, last year, while the pensioner was attending a funeral in Orkney.
Waters, 61, didn't even have to break in..he used a spare key hidden near the house for emergencies. It was suggested that the retired joiner, might have known about it while doing gardening jobs for the householder.
David Barclay prosecuting, said that Waters, of 35 Braal Terrace, Harkirk, knew Mr Murchison was not at home and made two trips to his bungalow using a bag on wheels to carry the presents which had a value of almost 1000. Everything was recovered.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that Waters had been in his own words -"so full of drink and stupidness" at the time.
Waters admitted the theft and a record. He will be sentenced on September 16, after Sheriff Andrew Berry considers a background report.