View Full Version : Tiscali Broadband and Windows Vista

16-Mar-07, 21:11
Hi guys.

I'm looking for some advice from any techie guys out there!

I have a new laptop, which is running Windows Vista. I have tried to install my Tiscali Broadband CD, but am having probs. It keeps stopping at the same stage, and won't go any further.

I have installed the CD on my Win XP system, and it is working perfectly.

Does anyone know if the Tiscali Braodband CD is compatible with Windows Vista? Has anyone else tried to install Tiscali BB on Windows Vista?

I think this is a compatibility issue, but maybe not!

Any help would be much appreciated! :)

16-Mar-07, 23:07
LOL Sorry Fran but there is definately a compatibility problem with Vista and many of the current stock of USB broadband modems. I tried setting up 3 different brands of ADSL modems with a new Vista PC and, despite my best efforts, couldn't get any of them to work - we've ended up opting for an ISP upgrade to a ADSL Modem/Router.

You could try contacting Tiscali and ask if they're offerng a free/inexpensive upgrade from their modem to a wireless ADSL Modem/Router, or alternatively bite the bullet and buy your own, and then connect in your laptop wirelessly that way (you should also be able to connect your old desktop system simultaneously if it has a network port/card - if not then you can add one quite cheaply).

If you need assistance in choosing a suitable model then feel free to get back to me.

Sorry if I'm the bringer of bad news.