View Full Version : My first Piccie in years!

16-Mar-07, 15:30
Not a photo in the usual sense I know but this is a photo of my first drawing in many many years - so what do y'all think?
I played it safe by finding a piccie I liked on the web and drawing it from that (albeit much larger as the web piccie was about 4inches).

Gonna have a go at something else now.

16-Mar-07, 15:33
well done Poshiepoo. Its lovely. I would love to be able to paint or draw, but I have no artistic streak at all.

16-Mar-07, 15:38
Excellent drawing porshiepoo :Razz

16-Mar-07, 15:55
What a skill !, fantastic drawing, you could be doing that for a living, assuming of course that you aren`t already.

16-Mar-07, 16:15
No I don't do it for a living although i wouldn't mind once I've got more practice in.
Like I said, I've not picked up a pencil for about 15 years. When I left school I had intended to take it further but ended up working with horses instead and then had kids and never found the time. I did this one mostly out of curiosity to see if I still could.

16-Mar-07, 17:05
:eek: great pic, wow... lovely x

16-Mar-07, 17:38
absolutely amazing picture!! I always envy people who are good at art/music - anything that requires a natural talent - you either have it or you don't. Unfortunately, I don't!! :(

Just out of interest, how long does a pic like that take you to draw?

16-Mar-07, 18:01
It's very well drawn obviously a natural draftsman. Might i suggest doing a few more and then possible entering them into the Caithness art exhibition this summer? It's the kind of thing that would sell up here.

17-Mar-07, 19:30
Henry20, this one took me about 4 days but only spending say a couple of hours a time. When I was at school I always had to get my drawings done in quick time as I'd get bored after a while but I decided to take my time with this one.
Gothika I've actually never heard of this exhibition, sounds interesting though.
Perhaps when I get used to colour again then I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

18-Mar-07, 16:40
wow that is an amazing picture :D

20-Mar-07, 22:56
Thats fantastic - you really should be doing something with your talent!!

21-Mar-07, 16:12
I taught her everything she knows LOL ! Well done Poo thats really good. jan x:lol:

21-Mar-07, 16:53
I taught her everything she knows LOL ! Well done Poo thats really good. jan x:lol:

Then youshould both set up in business!! hehe

23-Mar-07, 12:16
If only !! I cant draw to save my life but Poo is very VERY good . jan x